Lisbon-born, London-based Agon Branza, is an award-winning singer-songwriter and composer whose work is inspired by the contrasting worlds of classical music, confessional songwriting, and avant-garde electronic production. Influenced by his studies of cinema and music for film, Agon creates narrative-structured and harmonically rich chamber pop music.


Agon Branza’s classical and cinematic scoring experiences are reflected on this theatrical and conversational debut anthem about the dangerous comfort of apathy, layered with stuttering mechanical synths, a sombre yet hopeful piano chord progression, and Agon Branza’s own spell-binding vocals, enticing you to enter into his world. 

"Glitter Guns" is nothing short of a rhapsody, its lyrical content reading just as a poem, reflecting on the paralysis we as individuals can feel in the face of normalised oppressions.